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Founded by Ronnie Barrett in Tennessee in 1982, for three decades Barrett has been a leader in developing sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns for militaries around the world. Barrett himself is also credited with designing the first .50 caliber rifle for use by civilians. Popular Barrett models include the Barrett 50 and the Barrett M107, but be sure to check for any model you’re searching for.

“The Barrett’s are great and the company over all is awesome. The work you do there is hard but fun. the people that you work with are some of the best in the world. New management has made it more about the money than the people. But if you are on the floor working you will not see that. Once again awesome place to work. Awesome people, great product, pay is very competitive and always on time..”

A solid and reliable pistol. I love the look and feel of it. Easy to use and to shoot

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easy to feild strip

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